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Our Mission

Our mission for City Fresh Gardens is to partner with other natural growers in our area to provide fresh fruits and vegetables to the local community. We believe that the food we eat and our diets are the key factor to great health. We envision a world where everyone can have an opportunity and access to see, touch, taste and experience fresh food and how it is grown. We encourage everyone to grow food for your family. We believe that partnering with other farmers, we can create a better quality of food in our community.You can help us with our vision by volunteering at our plant nursery or with one of our partners.

Thank you for taking the time to view our mission.







“The community needs access to local master gardeners with fresh vegetables. City Fresh Gardens has provided local farmers with a way to sale natural products in one location.”

“Thank you for bringing healthy options to our community. We love City Fresh Gardens”

“We are looking forward to seeing what City Fresh Gardens in South Fulton Atlanta will do. A farmers market is just what we need in this area.”




Local Resident
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